Reflected | Synopsis

Unable to move on after the breakdown of a complex and twisted relationship, Lida is caught between fragments of fantasy and reality, an external space that has become a reflection of her inner self. The film follows her emotional journey through a world she is desperate to escape from.

Reflected| Details


  • Genre: Drama
  • Year of Production: 2008
  • Running Time: 18 min
  • Shot on Location in Athens, Greece
  • Country of Production: Greece

Technical Specifications

  • Format: HD
  • Color
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Language: Greek
  • Subtitles: English

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Reflected | Cast and Crew

Lida Eleftheria Roussaki
Man Giannis Tsortekis
Spiros Alexandros Alpidis
Written & Directed by Sonia Liza Kenterman
Produced by Nikos Papaevangeliou
Cinematography by Nikos Papaevangeliou
Art Direction by Sonia Liza Kenterman
Sound Design by Jannos Eolou
Editing by Panos Kourtis
Music by Emmanuel Manios, Christos Doumas
With the support of
cine video equipment
Movie Teller Film
Zebra Corporation